Training Pictures

Experiencing the Wonderdogs Professional Training Program

I trained Jeff & Sara Appelt’s dog, Scout, a young Shepherd/Lab mix.

Scout, a lab-shepherd mix, is ready to train.
Scout, a lab-shepherd mix, goes down from mid-run.

Scout, a lab-shepherd mix, performs a stand.
Scout, a lab-shepherd mix, performs a wave.

He turned out to be the star of the class, quickly learning each new behaviour.
New/scary environment for Scout – I’m learning to watch body language & signals of stress while keeping a ‘loose leash.’

Young puppy tugs on Scout's leash.
Scout, a Shepherd/Lab dog, meets a goat and a playful puppy.

Observe the progression as Scout meets a goat and playful puppy.

Scout sees the playful puppy
Scout, a lab-shepherd mix looks to me for approval and support as the puppy grabs his leash.

Notice his head held low, slinking posture, ears down, warning growl, looks to me for approval/support as puppy grabs his leash.

Scout accepts the puppy as harmless.
Scout, a shepherd lab mix dog, sniffs the ground, avoids eye contact as a calming signal.

No reaction from me gives him confidence to accept the puppy as harmless, sniffs ground as to look away to avoid eye contact (a threatening behaviour), licks his lip as a calming signal.

The shepherd lab mix dog licks his lips as a calming signal.

Working with different breeds

Training a German Shepherd.
Training a German Shepherd dog.

Training a Puli dog
Training a Chinese crested dog.

Graduation Ceremony with Ben Kersen