What other people are saying about our services

  • Lab-shepherd mix, golden doodle and basset hound enjoying playing while boarding with Sharon Toews
  • We love to hear how well she gets along with the other dogs. She is very alpha when we are around, and snaps at other dogs. That started at around age 2. We don’t know how to stop that behaviour. On or off leash, we never know when she’s going to lunge at other dogs. Very unsettling and embarrassing. Anyway, keep up the great work! — Cindy
  • Sharon obviously loves animals and is a “natural” around dogs. She is calm, patient, consistent and firm when working with the dogs.   Our family calls her the dog whisperer. — Heidi
  • Scottish terriers (scotties) boarding with us
  • Bulldog and golden doodle playing in a pool while boarding with Sharon Toews
  • Our rescued shelter dog, Smoothie, had numerous fear-related issues when we adopted her in 2009.  She has greatly benefited from Sharon’s dog training expertise.  Smoothie has learned to get along appropriately with other dogs and her extreme fear of people has become increasingly manageable.  Sharon’s interventions with Smoothie, as well as her invaluable advice to us, her owners, have resulted in a significant improvement in Smoothie’s overall behaviour and correspondingly, her quality of life. Great work, Sharon and thank you so very much for helping Smoothie become a much happier dog! — Bruce and Gabrielle
  • Hi Sharon She is absolutely tired out!! Has made great strides- went outside to pee no accidents. Listened and stopped harassing Max, sat at door to come in. Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for today. You’ve given us lots of info and things to practice. — Carolynn
  • Trained dog
  • Thompson
  • From a client who had just started Polite Leash etiquette training (because her dog went ballistic at the sight of any dog on the walk) Thank you for walking with Daisy and I a few weeks ago. I learned a lot and I know Daisy was benefitting from your helpful tips. I couldn’t have imagined being alone during Daisy’s sudden passing. Thank you for your care and support. In time we hope to adopt another rescue dog. I hope our paths cross again. — Jayden